Who we are

United Konsultants is a dynamic new software, technology and business process consultancy. Our handpicked team is drawn from a range of industries and disciplines, bringing together many years of experience and serious technical expertise. We combine this extensive knowledge and experience with a collaborative approach, which keeps our clients involved and informed throughout our working relationships, and allows us to listen and address their concerns as they arise.
The result is that we are able to devise precisely tailored end-to-end solutions, deliver flexible, scalable products, and provide seamless service and support. Moreover, our solutions are fit for purpose not only now, but they will continue to drive our clients’ businesses going forward.

True partner

Throughout the project, whether we are working on-site or remotely, we keep our clients informed of progress, receive feedback and make sure that we understand and respect their views and respond to them appropriately and professionally. It’s an approach that has brought us blue-chip clients from a wide range of industries and business sectors, including telecoms, IT, defence, banking and finance, as well as local and national government.

Our approach

At United Konsultants we recognise that implementing technological or process change is a complex, sensitive process that needs to be carefully planned and managed. We understand that every client will have different circumstances and requirements. So from the very start, we establish what exactly our clients want; why they want it; when they want it; and how we can best deliver it within the required timeframe.
Having established a clear brief with specific, realistic timings and mileposts, we take a collaborative approach, talking to key stakeholders, their clients and any third parties involved. Once we have a complete picture of how the project is going to impact across the client’s business, we are then able to balance resources and people capability with delivery expectation.
This holistic strategy enables us to provide our clients with solutions from inception through to managing development, testing and launch. Solutions which are fit for purpose not just now, but which will also help drive the client’s business forward in the future.

We Can Help You

  • IT Consulting

    We focus on business-driven IT, translating enterprise strategy to IT strategy so that organisation, processes and technologies are implemented effectively and efficiently within your operations. This optimises projects and services and strengthens the entire business.

  • Information Management

    In today’s extremely complex business environments, it is impossible to look at information in an isolated way. We’ll help you review your processes and procedures so that they are globally and comprehensively supplied with information – effectively, in high quality, at any time, and in at any location.

  • Mobile Solutions

    Effective mobile connectivity provides many opportunities for prudence and/or profit, from managing stock and monitoring equipment to data management and collection. We can help with all phases of mobile connectivity, including specification, design, implementation and testing.

  • SAP Services

    SAP applications can offer a variety of options for designing business processes. With our long-standing experience in the fields of development, consulting, training, support, and operation of systems, we can assist you in ensuring the success of your SAP projects

  • Process Management

    We support you in this are by enabling you to derive a competitive advantage from your ability to flexibly handle change. We analyse the way to process excellence and draw attention to possibilities for improving your business processes and strategies and for optimising the supporting IT.

  • Cloud Services

    From the virtualisation of your systems to the private cloud to the hybrid cloud to the public cloud, we’ll help you make effective use of the flexibility, agility, and cost efficiency of cloud computing for your enterprise without compromising on essentials such as security, data protection, and availability.

  • Enterprise IT

    We recognise that for many companies, IT is often central to ensuring the corporate targets are achieved. We can help you react in a more flexible and agile manner to the requirements of the market, as well as continually improve effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Software Solutions

    This is an area with such far-reaching implications for a business, so our hands-on, collaborative approach is vital. From the very start, we engage with the key stakeholders to provide a complete service, from design and development to implementation, testing and launch.

United Konsultants are your strategic partner to make sure you get the best from your processes, information and technology.