Kick Start the Funding For Your Project and Make it Fly

There are many grants available for R&D projects from the UK Government and European Union.

These can help reduce the risk for your project in financial terms and provide evidence for a market demand, a technology potential to make the next stage easier to develop.

Broadly speaking, the grants fall in to the following phases of development:

  • Proof of market: small grants that aim to establish that there is a market for a particular product or service. These normally cover market surveys, and are undertaken prior to R&D.
  • Proof of concept: early stage commercial R&D
  • Development of prototype: later stage R&D leading to the pre-commercial phase
  • Specific grants for commercialisation or expansion. These sources of funding generally have specific aims such as increasing employment in particular geographic areas, and involve little or no R&D.

In general grants are available in specific industrial areas which the European Commission, the UK government or regional governments wish to encourage. United Konsultants can advise as to which type of funding may be applicable to your idea.

Although both the UK and Europe have grant schemes that are particularly aimed at SMEs (small to medium enterprises), some forms of funding are available to larger enterprises as well. Funding may be for single companies (usually for SMEs only) or for consortia. In the latter case, we can assist in finding project partners who will complement your company’s skills and objectives.

Our help, experience and guidance is helping companies achieve funding has led to a very high success rate.

We can assess your projects and suggest the suitable grants available as well as write the bids to give you a greater chance of a success.