Forensic Consultancy

Forensic Consultancy is a term used to describe an approach which identifies ‘best practice’ in any business activity and then develops into procedures which will ensure that the process is executed effectively.

The objective of this process is to implement ‘best practice’ processes which will deliver measurable improvements in performance.

The underlying research projects have been undertaken by senior consultants who are also partners in the business and included surveys, desk research, attendance at relevant courses and interviews with thought leaders and exemplars of best practice.

The research findings were then developed as Process Models and were subjected to extensive field testing before being developed as our products and services.

The United Konsultants Limited proposition – it is different!

Revenue, profits and staff are the key elements of any growth strategy. Over the years many methodologies have been developed to improve performance in these areas. United Konsultants seeks to discover which works best for you and how to execute the processes most effectively. The combination of ‘best practice’ together with a defined process and an execution programme aimed at delivering measurable performance improvements is what sets United Konsultants limited apart from others as a new management strategy.